Practical Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui can be stuffy and intimidating. Some folks only use Feng Shui to attract a love interest, health cures, stimulate creativity or gain wealth. I'm not here to give you magician advice on how to land a hot babe or win the lottery, but I can give you insight on what I see as an everyday organizer. Anyone with common sense can walk in a room and tell if the bed is facing the wrong direction and if nature elements and positive vibes are barren. Be your own Feng Shui consultant by following a few basic healthy home energy, flow and symmetry tips.
1. Throw away dying plants or flowers. It represents wealth decay.
2. Fix all leaky faucets, mini flood puddles and loose hinges or knobs.
3. Do not sleep on a bed with clutter and junk underneath it.
4. Do not obstruct windows and light sources.
5. Be mindful about what reflective items (mirrors, tv, glass frames) reflect- it must be clean, calming and pristine.
6. Never have a bed directly in line with the doorway or closet door.
7. Looking to attract wealth? Buy decor items like a laughing buddah, images of lush forest and trees, chinese coins, pyrite crystal, citrine crystal or bamboo.
8. Find out your Kua numbers and lucky directions.
9. For fertility energy- add fire warm colors into your home, pictures or statues of elephants with their trunks lowered and baby photos or statues.
10. Avoid ceiling fans directly over your family room sofa or bed, it is believed that it cuts the energy of the abdomen.

If you would like to be a full throttle Feng Shui practicer and unblock clogs of energy in your space- invest in a compass and protractor to make your blue print bagua home energy map!

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