Why Do We Keep Too Much?

I recently watched Season 2, Episode 2 of True Tori. True Tori is a questionable "real" reality show about Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermotts tumultuous relationship. This specific episode made me query the basic principles of why people feel the need to hold on to material items. Tori bravely shared with the cameras her most personsal and vulnerable room in the house, the storage area. Upon viewing the clips of this catch-all room I noticed nothing was properly "stored" therefore calling it a storage room is irrational. This room was the literal definition of a hoarders cove. There were no boxes lined up in an orderly fashion or tidy labeled bins. This room was stuffed to the brim with racks of unworn clothing, photobooks, piled furniture pieces, art work, toys, giraffe figurines; nothing had awareness or thought attached to it. Smaller decor items were thrown about dangerously with low visibility and pathways to navigate the heaping piles of "stuff".

The horror did not end there. Next, Tori invited us into her inventoried storage warehouse which was breathtaking to see. Tori kept repeating pridefully that the storage space was easily costing her the equivalent of a monthly mansion mortgage. This warehouse contained 127 storage vaults stock-full of her life long "collections". As an organizer who grew up owning and buying more than enough, I understand that she is privy to wanting an abundance around her. The scary fact is that Tori has no sense of normalcy. She grew up in one of America's largest estates with a plethora of luxury goods at all times. To give her credit, I agree that the majority of pieces in her vaults were nice. She is not collecting trash & dead cats like popularly stereotyped hoarders enjoy. The complication of sorting through boxes of that magnitude is the painful emotional attachment. She gave a story, theory, experpt, thought and excuse for every piece. Her valuables and junky old items were very deeply rooted. All in all, sifting through the long lost items was a tortuous sentimental process. Tori is clearly aware that making progressive "sell" or "keep" decisions could lead to a healthy chunk of financial means for her struggling household. The sad bit is that Tori hesitated and procrastined every step of the way while going through the vaults, (she somewhat made it through 6 vaults the first day.) Every person, whether you are a hoarder or not, can learn from Tori's storage. Tori Spelling's health and state of being is absolutely at risk. Face your past demons and present fears. Get your hands dirty, emotionally pine through your boxed items whether that's in an attic, basement or warehouse.

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