May Review

I've tried some great products recently. Yes, most people tell me I own too many makeup and cosmetic products but the point of using a lot is to get my skin consistantly maintained in good health, acne free and slow down the aging process. After I take care of my skin, teeth and body- my makeup applies better, multiplied confidence and I achieve the look I want. Below are a few goodies that I've been loving and fails that were a waste of money!

Smile Sciences
Teeth whitening is all the rage. Nothing is uglier than coffee stained choppers! Currently on the market there are drug store whitening strips, temporary solutions wands and expensive dentist office treatments. I've done my fair share of trying them all; smile bright, crest white strips, whitening toothpaste, 5 minute whitening gel, bleach pens and Zoom. The hard part about whitening is that once you start, you cannot stop. There is no such thing as whitening teeth once and having that last for the rest of your life. Like the routine of getting a hair cut or mowing your lawn- teeth whitening is a reoccurring beauty treatment. My beef with average teeth whiteners is that results are too minimal or the teeth whitening is extreme which makes your teeth uber sensitive! Smile Sciences is the perfect balance of what I look for in a whitener. Unlike other brands, Smile Sciences guarantees up to 10 shades whiter which is a dramatic improvement in a short time line without the painful sensation. Smile Sciences is also safe, user friendly, FDA approved and made in the USA. I recommend getting their Kit because it comes with whitening gel, trays, vitamin E sticks, maintenance pen and LED light. I was not paid to say this, I strongly believe in promoting products that actually complete their promise.
Price: $49-$299
Score: A

Day by Day
Serums and oils have grown very popular this year in the beauty world. Serums have powerful concentrations of antioxidants that lighten sun spots, age spots, decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Day by Day sent me their vitamin C serum last month. I've been testing it out and here are the results. My skin is a tad softer and brighter! I was skeptical about the product because when you first apply it, it goes on in a thin layer that eventually stiffens up. I don't recommend using it under makeup but it's PERFECT to soak in at night to absorb all the healthy goodness. The hyaluronic acid, deionized water and vitamin e additives are the perfect blend with the vitamin C to get me all the nutrients I need to look younger and glowy.
Price: $23
Score: B+

Olay Age Defying Body Wash with Vitamin E
I love Olay because it's affordable and trustworthy drugstore skincare. I bought their body wash thinking it'd be a girly way to lather up and feel clean. This product has the most disgusting fragrance. I just cant get over how powerful the smell is. I love scents and don't mind a strong fragrance- how could Olay mess up this big? The smell is overwhelming and cheap. On top of that, it does not actually clean the spot I'm scrubbing. After washing this into my arm pit it becomes a covered up smelly fragrant armpit- total nightmare. Yes this product is good quantity for your buck plus it lathers which is an added bonus and has a pump...but this is a terrible body wash to clean yourself with. Stay away!
Price: $4.97
Score: F

Bellezza Pro Ceramic Hair Dryer and 1.25 Flat Iron Set
We all are well aware by now that companies fake or up-price the original value of their product on platforms like QVC, Groupon, Living Social, Ebay Deals etc to make it appear like the customer gets a larger bargain. I cant believe I bought into this scam. I feel completely ripped off with these products. I bought the duo from Groupon and I regret my purchase. The straightener snags on my hair while straightening which proves its ceramic tourmaline seals are shitty. There is no possible way the heat is actually 450 degrees. I've had a $200 hair straightener before that actually got that hot and this Bellezza is nowhere near that heat allowance. Just go with a GHD or Chi Straightener, don't trust Bellezza because their straightener doesn't deliver on the promise to reduce frizz. The hair dryer is weak, incorrect temperature and a total disappointment.
Price: $50
Score: D+

CoverGirl Clump Crusher
This comb has tiny spikes that allow an even comb through each lash and it gets any thickening or clumps out immediately. I can layer on this formula with multiple applications and nothing builds up gunky or spidery. I have long bottom lashes therefore I despise when a mascara transfers and causes black spots under my eyes- I have no worries about that with this product. Run, not walk, to go buy this!
Price: $8
Score: A-

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