Wires Are A Nightmare

Speaker hook ups, television, lighting, appliances, telephone lines, office, video games...everything in life needs an electric plug-in. There is nothing more unattractive than a walking into a beautiful room and seeing an ugly ass cord ruining the vibe. So how do large mansions get away with wire control looking so graceful? Custom and built in wire management and organization! My favorite website for custom fancy wire control is Mockett.com. I love the material and size range of their grommets, hot-tool hair sockets, trash bins and electronic wires.

Below are my favorite low-price wire management options for the home.

1. CableOrganizer.com Cable Shield Cord Cover $6.40

2. CableOrganizer.com Cable Turtle $4.99

3. CableOrganizer.com Core Cord Organizer $3.99

4. ThinkGeek.com Cordies Cable Organizer $7.99

5. BestBuy.com Dotz Hook-and-Look Cord Straps $3.99

6. BestBuy.com Insignia Cable Pass Through Wall Plate $4.99

Tips For Cord Management

-Any cords, electronics or tech items you do not use, put them away in an electronic cabinet or drawer. For a low cost label solution put a piece of tape around the cord and sharpie what electronic the cord goes to.

-Throw away cords you have not used in the past 3 years. No use of keeping clutter.
-DIY Cord solutions are also wonderful. Check out http://www.pinterest.com/organything/cord-management/ for made-at-home cord management ideas

Estately Decor

Not everybody can afford grandiose resplendent home furnishings but there are sneaky ways to get the look for less. Below are some staple rich-folk house items that can easily be found on craigslist, flea markets, ebay, antique shops and garage sales.

1. Mallard Duck These duck decoys were originally used by Native Americans to hunt. They molded the ducks out of carcasses and mud. Years later Europeans caught on and made the imitation ducks with wood. The ducks purpose was to attract large fowl like geese or large ducks. The usage of the ducks diminished when Congress passed a Wildlife Act limiting hunting for birds. The most rare and expensive decoy duck sold for $684,500 in Canada.

2. Trumeau Mirror These gems were on the walls of palaces and castle between windows in the 18th century to bring extra light into a room. You can easily get your own these days because this style of mirror is going out of fashion (but an Old World gal like me still loves it!...seriously, you guys know I hate modern contemporary furniture.) Trumeau style is bulked in rectangle shape, framed, ornate, gilded with lots of mantle shape and embellishments (or sometimes oil paintings) at the top. If you want to find a REAL vintage trumeau mirror from the 1700's they are normally between $10k-50k at auction. You know one is a reproduction if it was made in the early 1820's or mid 1900's because those periods had a re-trend of fad french furniture.

3. Taxidermy Sorry animal lovers but moose heads, lion rugs, antler silverware, giraffe legs...all popular castle decor. The strangest of them all is probably the elephant foot made into an umbrella or cane stand.

4. Lawn Jockey Cast Iron Unfortunately a lot of these are in black face jocko style which is currently distasteful and racially insensitive but for some collectors, it's dream item to own based on their history. The second style of lawn jockey cast iron statues was cavalier spirit. Cavalier style is a slender white man with posture, left hand raised and chin held high. Jocko style is thicker, right arm raised and slightly hunch backed. These were used as hitching posts that represented hospitality. Jocko's origination was based off the life story of Jocko Graves (George Washington's faithful helper during a surprise attack at war in Trenton NJ.)

5. Marble Pedestal Pedestals are put in the corner to hold statue busts of high importance. Never buy a faux marble pedestal (nobody likes faux!), always go for real stone. I recently found one on craigslist for $50 bucks!

6. Grandmother Clock Grandfather clocks are heavy, tall and expensive. Go for a short mantle or grandmother clock instead! If you can find a decent old one that still chimes, even better!

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